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[END OF YEAR] You Ain’t Heard Nothing Like This: Best Experimental, Minimalist, And Ambient Tracks Of 2014

It was a strange experience. I sat down to finally curate and annotate this list, approaching with some anxiety, as only a few tracks stood out as obvious contenders for inclusion. Would I even be able to identify 20 “best” minimalist, experimental, and ambient tracks of 2014? What would “best” even entail? How could I […]

[ELECTRONIC/MINIMAL] Hauschka – ‘Abandoned City’ Album Review

I’m going to go out on a limb and trust that you, The Sights and Sounds reader, are going to be more than a little into Hauschka’s Abandoned City. Its scratchy, muted piano keys and barely-detectable production are probably not what your senses are accustomed to confronting. And musically Hauschka takes as much from classical-cum-experimental […]