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Going In Blind: The Radio Dept. Boasts A Serene Performance at El Rey Theatre In Los Angeles

Remember the days of tuning into AM/FM stations and glueing your ears to the transistor radio? Listening to The Radio Dept. live is kind of like that. Not old enough to recall such ancient radio technology? Me neither, but my parents talked about it and well, we’ve seen movies. Nevertheless, imagine a fully immersive and aural […]

[INDIE POP] Little Dragon Klapp Klapp Is Pure Crisis Music

There’s nothing dreamy about an emergency heart valve shutdown, no matter what other music bloggers say. Little Dragon being dreamy was “Feather”, which devastated my 2010 in airy, longing atmospherics . There’s nothing delicate about these emotions. “Klapp Klapp” is primal; it’s stabbing with sharp synths at anyone walking in on a combustive rebirth of […]