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[GOODSEX TIPS] Milk N Cooks Drop Debut EP

  Chicago twin producer duo, Milk N Cooks, has dropped their first EP and I have to say I am quite impressed. The four track cookie collection, simply named Decisions, does an excellent job of defining the dynamic musical vibe that Milk N Cooks has been building since their beginning. While each track differs in tone, […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Kitchin Records Showcase Another Hype Machine Hit from BläpDëli

<PRESS PLAY> >NOW READ< Fire; white hot beauty; the energy builds within, you realize your power. You can see it now forming the way it always intended. Everything is as it should be and if it isn’t that it wasn’t supposed to. A break in the matrix, a glimpse into the future into the now […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] SWRVN & Razz Drop Funky Fire Track via Kitchin Records

It is hard to choose just one genre these days. The direction music is headed, soon everything will be a fusion of two or more types of music; blending together the best sounds of both. So I take notice when a new piece of audible art hits the sound waves that pushes the envelope of […]

[TRAP] Chicago’s GoodSex Releases First Original Single

GoodSex is a name easily recognized in the Chicago electronic music community. In addition to contributing regularly to Sights And Sounds in the form of GoodSex Tips, the versatile DJ/producer can be found at countless clubs around the city in any given week. He’s also played at local festivals, including Spring Awakening and Freaky Deaky last year. Following […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Milk N Cooks Deliver the State of Union of EDM in Tasty Beats Vol. 13 Aurora Boreanus

You have got to hand it to the boys. Despite their growing success, Milk N Cooks have consistently remained true to themselves throughout their existence as career producing and performing artists. While music genre fads have come and gone in the past five years, they have remained devoted to the “frat-homie-electro-groove” sound that propelled them […]