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A muted disaffection, a cold affair with the world where we whisper sounds of our discontentment into tumblers of scotch–that’s the sound of our generation. We are a disconnected generation. We look at the world and it stares back placidly as it shrugs–it’s forgotten who we even are. And we sit in our bedrooms and bar […]

[MONTHLY] Taking On Your Hero: Sounds of 06.2014 [FREE DL]

June sent us a monsoon of tracks that flooded our spindly hearts and sent our ears awash in a torrent of massively awesome melodies. We just came off two weeks where some of the best music all year was subsequently released day after fucking day. Best two weeks that I can ever remember, in fact. […]

[DARK POP] M.A.U./Mira, Un Lobo!- Children Playing Adults/Serotonin Video Reviews

To caress the side of a cliche until one last drop comes out: life’s a fucking stage. And you can play your bit part, though most of us do it unconsciously. We may think we’re radicals because we darted off to Thailand and got laid at the Full Moon Party; but ultimately the lines we […]