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We always get excited when our friends over at PUZL Records (under the LAMP umbrella) come out with new music. The LAMP crew has been one of the most consistently on-point teams this past year, with their weekly mixes, monthly EP and Single releases, and non-stop shows and events around the Los Angeles area. I’m […]

[HOUSE] Dan Jedynak – Motor EP (PUZL Records)

For me, long dance or house music tracks usually require a certain amount of commitment, patience, and attention, more so than typical radio-friendly pop songs. I think it’s worth noting that when a DJ or Producer does their job right, you barely notice the length of the track or mix because you are way more […]

[ELECTRONIC] Jamie Prado – Milk & Honey EP Review

It’s always a treat when you get to follow the growth of music collectives and see how they evolve into multi-faceted brands whose sole purpose is to bring us the best new dance music. In this case, we’re witnessing the birth of a new imprint, PUZL Records, led by none other than MR PUZL himself, […]