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[MONTHLY] Ghost Heart Goes Alone: Best of 02.2013

Photos courtesy of Deptford Goth. CATCH a FREE DOWNLOAD of the tracks featured here by going HERE.<—-Yes, that linky thing. 2014’s been choice thus far in soundtracking my time in the wilderness.  Not actual wilderness;because fuck nature, fuck yo tree, and  fuck  yo mountain.  If I wanted to troll around a place where something might […]

[MONTHLY] Go To War: Best Sounds of 12.2013

Go to war: against the dervish monkey on your back stabbing you in the kidney, against the racing thoughts gallavanting in your head until they spill out your eyes, against the general unwilligness to fucking change. Some people use the last playlist of the year to reflect and bask in their general wondrousness–which, you know, […]

[MONTHLY] Love Lobotomy: Best Sounds of 11.2013

Sometimes these mind hills be dark, yo. Well, anyone who follows The Sights and Sounds, and in particular my posts, might know that are music selections certainly steer more towards the darker side of the pop universe. Happiness, after all, is just a concept you explore once the mind has gone to mush. But in […]

[MONTHLY] Not a Fool, Not a Follower: Best Sounds of 07.2013

Photos courtesy of edited screenshots from Austra’s video for “The Beat and The Pulse”. ‘Little hope, sing a song of fire’: that lyric from the Joe Goddard remix to iamamiwhoami’s seminal hit ‘y’ is the focus of our first installment of the revamped monthly best of list here at The Sights and Sounds. Featuring tighter […]