[SYNTHPOP] Black Light Dinner Party – I Was Right


  At first blush “I Was Right” seems like a more muted affair than what we’ve come to expect from Black Light Dinner Party. Being purveyors of extroverted synth pop that usually brings my arid heart to high tide through their wondrously damn near naiveté towards love, their new single is surprisingly a markedly introverted […]

[INDIE/SYNTHWAVE] Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Always” Teaser Video


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs announced last month their inevitable return with their upcoming album Mosquito. Although they have been pretty hush hush about the whole project, they released one video with their original announcement and have just dropped a 49 second preview of another track titled “Always.” I wish they would just give us a […]

[CHILL/HIP-HOP] Nico Segal – “Struggles” Illasoul: Shades of Blue Trailer

Nico Segal

Nico Segal, the jazz trumpet phenom from the rising stars of Kids These Days, is preparing to release his debut solo album in the form of Illasoul: Shades of Blue. Between recording their second album and non stop touring, Nico has somehow found a way to incorporate members of Kids These Days (among many talented […]


Made in Heights

  I know what you’re thinking. Yes, that is how their name is spelled and yes, they love to use symbols in everything. Beyond being a bit frustrating as a blogger to remember the keystrokes for ∆ and § (Thank God for copy/paste), ::M∆DE:IN:HEIGHTS:: has a truly lovely sound that is very soothing yet very […]

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