The Sights And Sounds started in a cramped, garden basement room under the shadow of Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Unemployed and looking for something to do, I turned toward music. With all my friends constantly asking me what music I was currently listening to or if I could make them a Compilation CD (Yes, those still existed), I created this site to share with everyone the amazing sounds that come from extremely talented artists and musicians from all over the globe.


We live for music and the way it makes us feel as human beings. Our mission is to “Explore The Meaning Behind Music.”

We are passionate about creating content that matters and want to nurture those who are looking to expand their talents. At The Sights and Sounds, we want your creative freak flag to fly and we encourage our writers, photographers, filmmakers, storytellers, and artists to push the limits of their work, without censorship.

The artists we love pour their blood, sweat, and tears into bringing us into their worlds; why shouldn’t we bring them into ours for a little bit?


It’s time for a deeper take on music journalism.

Our vision is to be the industry leader in engaging visual and written content by forming a global alliance of creative ninjas to lay siege on the forces of the mundane and cookie cutter through a marriage of emotional storytelling and authentic creative.

We promote innovation, art and the authentic human soul and are committed to building a community platform for musicians, artists, storytellers, journalists, photographers, cinematographers, and wizards to share and expand their crafts while engaging with audiences around the world.


We are currently seeking Staff Writers, Editors, & Photogs  from all over the globe.

As our international audience continues to grow, we are seeking writers and editors who are passionate about sharing their musical perspective in a unique way. We are also in search of photographers based in California, Texas, Miami, & Denver. National & International photogs can still apply!

If you’re interested in joining our small but close group of music lovers by writing, photographing, editing, or helping in any way, please feel free to e-mail Kris[at]TheSightsAndSounds[dot]com and let’s chat.

If you would like to advertise on The Sights And Sounds, please contact Kris[at]TheSightsandSounds[dot]com. Advertising deck available upon request.

Please send all coverage, PR requests and music submissions to music[at]TheSightsAndSounds[dot]com. Or you can use our Contact Page.