[INDIE/ELECTRO] The Neighbourhood – “Sweater Weather” (Vaski Remix)

[INDIE/ELECTRO] The Neighbourhood - "Sweater Weather" (Vaski Remix)

Hands down one of my favorite new bands of recent is the Cali based indie group The Neighbourhood. With their west coast sound sensibilities tied to the sometimes haunting melodies and piercing vocals of lead singer Jesse Rutherford, almost every one of their songs hits home to me on a personal level – if not […]

[PHOTO RECAP] Excision, Zomboy & Vaski at Congress Theater

excision zomboy and vaski at congress theater

  Photo coverage of the Excision, Zomboy, and Vaski performing at Congress Theater in Chicago on January 26th. Check out our full concert coverage here. Photos by Kris Kish & Chris Pitcher     Back to full photo recap list.  

[PREMIERE] The Sights and Sounds Presents: The Sights Episode 1 ft. Na Palm

The Sights and Sounds Presents: The Sights Episode 1 ft. Na Palm

This has been a long time in the making and we’re very happy to bring your the premiere webisode of The Sights. Over the course of a month we go to and cover a lot of music. A lot of the that footage never makes it out to you guys so we wanted a way […]

[CONCERT REVIEW] Excision, Zomboy, & Vaski at Congress Theater, Chicago

excision zomboy and vaski at congress theater

Reading music   It was a chilly night in Chicago, but you wouldn’t you be able to tell as the thousands of concert goers heading into Congress Theater to see dubstep masters Excision, Zomboy and Vaski were dressed in hardly anything at all; braving the savage cold outside for the fire-breathing dubstep sounds inside. You […]

[DUBSTEP] Vaski – “Insane” (Ft. Ave)

vaski insane

Minnesota dubstep producer Vaski is back with another massive original track, one of his best yet, titled “Insane,” featuring vocals from songstress Ave. A lot of artists have been taking dubstep to a more melodic place, and Vaski’s “Insane” does a great job of balancing just the right amount of bass wobble next to Ave’s […]

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