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[END OF YEAR] You Ain’t Heard Nothing Like This: Best Experimental, Minimalist, And Ambient Tracks Of 2014

It was a strange experience. I sat down to finally curate and annotate this list, approaching with some anxiety, as only a few tracks stood out as obvious contenders for inclusion. Would I even be able to identify 20 “best” minimalist, experimental, and ambient tracks of 2014? What would “best” even entail? How could I […]

[MINIMALIST/EXPERIMENTAL] Actress – ‘Ghettoville’ EP Review

On his latest release, London-based Darren Cunningham, under his moniker Actress, has a lofty agenda planned for you. And he won’t let you know what it is before he’s ready. In “Ghettoville”, Actress doesn’t so much try to capture you and rope you in against your will – he’s more interested in inconspicuously “doing his […]