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[CONCERT REVIEW] Lust For Youth Get Stuck In Second Gear at London’s Shacklewell Arms

Scandinavia for decades now has had a reputation of producing some of the world’s finest pop acts. Past and present, the Scandinavians just seemingly make pop music that is effortless, tasteful and consistently innovative. With International – Lust For Youth’s most recent record – championing influences like the Pet Shop Boys, New Order and Depeche […]

[CONCERT REVIEW] Girl Band Prove They Are The Real Deal At UK’s Shacklewell Arms

Let’s get one things clear: Girl Band have, potentially, the most incongruous band name in the world. And at the Shacklewell Arms last night (11/06/2014), instead of finding the obvious suggestions of their remarkably incongruous name, I found a (male) four-piece hell-bent on making visceral and destructive post-punk/no-wave. After two rather contrasting recent singles, the no-wave […]