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[ACOUSTIC VIDEO] Aaron Taos – Blow

Everywhere I look my eyes find something new, more intriguing than the last, to settle on, if only for an instant. Rapid fire attention span. Eyes like a camera lens they zoom in and out, finding macro focus on trivial things like dust balls, ripped seams, and chipped paint. The fibers, the stretched threads, the […]

[ELECTRONIC] Devon Baldwin – Lungs

Late night tracing the streets Chasing the lights through the fog Hold a breath and release Swear by what they call wrong Dark or light, there’s always a fog when it comes to you. A certain haziness that envelopes the space around you. I breathe it in. Hold it closer than I could ever hold […]

[ELECTRONIC] Alessia Cara – “Here” (Vincent Remix)

the buzzing of the gun, the ink that flows under skin. not mine, but his. it’s his first time. not mine. I’m just a spectator this time around. even though the buzz of the needle makes my skin itch, blood rise, heart pump, hairs stand on end. today I just enjoy the dulling pleasure of […]


Life is short and if you ever doubt or deny that, you’re fucking kidding yourself, but the joke is on you because time is fleeting and ignorance or denial of its brevity doesn’t slow or stop it, much the opposite – it will continue to throttle forward in absolute disregard of your false notions. Matters […]

[INDIETRONICA] ODESZA ft. Little Dragon – “Light”

That pulsating, palpitating flutter. Everything feels heightened, standing on edge. I look down to see my fingers twisting, pulling, kneading at one another in that anxious way. I feel tight and loose at the same time. I feel like a bottle of something carbonated. The label says DO NOT SHAKE but this is life, fucking […]