Life is short and if you ever doubt or deny that, you’re fucking kidding yourself, but the joke is on you because time is fleeting and ignorance or denial of its brevity doesn’t slow or stop it, much the opposite – it will continue to throttle forward in absolute disregard of your false notions. Matters of the heart are some of the greatest reminders of the unpredictability of time in life. We’ve all heard, and/or experienced, the classic scenario, the desperate and futile search for love that only becomes successful when the search is abandoned. What this tells us, is that things such as love, can’t be forced into our minute scopes of time. It does not obey, no matter how much we may will it, to speed up, slow down, or simply appear, love and time move in accordance to their own rhythm…

My heart will never feel (be)
Will never see
Will never know
Oh, heart
And then it falls
And then I fall
And then I know


It’s in the falling that the knowing occurs. It’s in the sudden losses that the realization sinks in, or rather punches straight through you. Leaving you with this grasping at grains feeling. You sit, with the weight of the news weighing down on you. Your mind feels slow and sluggish, failing to grasp the concept that its just been presented with. Something has come to an end all too soon, all too abruptly and you’re suddenly faced with the reality of time. How slippery and elusive it truly is. You can sit and ponder it but even then it continues. This is not a Grim Reaper doomsday threat. Fear is never the best teacher. No, instead let this be a gentle nudge, a kind of “come in, the waters fine” type gesture. Time is not to be feared, nor is it to be ignored. Embrace time as you embrace your heart, and the powers they both possess and provide.

Ever see, ever be, ever know
My heart
Ever see, ever be, ever know


Acknowledging the power of time is much like acknowledging the power of ones heart. A loving heart can be cloaked, bruised and battered, buried in the depths of denial and mistrust but it continues to beat. Time can be predicted, bordered, assumed, misunderstood and taken for granted but the clock continues to tick. The rhythm of life, continues to pulse and vibrate, it is not fooled by our feeble attempts to lasso it into submission. We are powerless in the power of time. Similarly, we are often powerless when it comes to matters of the heart. Ask anyone who has tried to deny what lies deep within their heart, even those that think they have succeeded know, even if only in the deepest recesses of their minds, that they have failed – it cannot be done. Do not fear love. Do not fear time. Do not take love for granted. Do not take time for granted. If you are lucky enough to feel love, give love, receive love – be thankful for it. Acknowledge it, for it may span decades or mere days. There will be days that feel long and those that feel much too short. There will be days that you’re tempted to wish away – don’t. You will never get that time back, that love back. It is ever present, ever continuing, ever progressing.



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