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Sofi Tukker Showcase Suppressed Aspects Of Their Personalities In Their “Fuck They” Video


You know all of those things that hold you back from being your true self, like negative thoughts, unsupportive superiors, shitty friends, and bad habits?

Well, fuck them!!! Who cares about them?!

That’s the theme of Sofi Tukker‘s newest smash-in-the-making, candidly entitled Fuck They. The song, co-written by Scissor SistersJake Shears, is “About anything that holds you back from being exactly who you are,” the duo told EW.com.

The video is directed by one of the band’s favorite directors, Mac Boucher, and features the Grammy-nominated New York natives rebelling during various activities, including being walked on a leash by parent-like figures, Sophie squatting (her favorite way to sit), and Tucker bitch-slapping a basketball coach – the latter of being a direct nod to his days at Brown University when he had to endure the tortures of a coach who didn’t like his personality.

“The vibe on the set of this music video was incredible.”

“The whole crew felt like a bunch of friends getting overly excited, laughing all weekend,” the band wrote in their statement.

“We spent three long, crazy days together in Toronto and were giddy the entire time in part because we were feeling so grateful that we got to work with such talented, kind weirdos,” they continued while praising Boucher, who has previously worked with Grimes, and stylist friend Olivia Perdoch, amongst others. 

The duo went on by saying that they hope that “the spirit of joy, inclusivity, and freedom that we felt those couple of days translates into the video!”

Without a doubt, it did.

Watch the video below, let us know what you think in the comments, and catch Sofi Tukker next week, at Lollapalooza or on tour with ODESZA this fall!



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