Matroda Releases a Deeper, More Club-Oriented Sound with ‘Jack The House 4′

Matroda Releases a Deeper, More Club-Oriented Sound with ‘Jack The House 4′

Matroda Releases a Deeper, More Club-Oriented Sound with ‘Jack The House 4′


Tearing his way up the house music ranks, renowned house music producer and DJ Matroda recently released his latest compilation Jack the House 4 on his very own house music emblem Terminal Underground. With catchy bass house bangers such as “Can’t Fight the Feeling,” Jack the House 4 is truly a delight. In recent years, the natural-born DJ and producer, Matroda has performed at top-tier festivals around the globe and sold-out shows from Ibiza and Sydney to Los Angeles, and more. 

Performing at nearly 100 live performances annually and garnering hundreds of millions of streams across platforms throughout the course of his career. Matroda has left an undeniable imprint on the house music scene as well as the global electronic music industry. Jack The House 4 EP epitomizes his evolution; it’s more than just an EP—it’s a testament to Matroda’s journey, reflecting an exploration into the different types of house music tracks he’s capable of producing. In this EP, the vibe is deeper and more suited for clubs. It’s well-beyond a standard release, but more of a symbolic snapshot of his musical progression as a DJ/producer. Jack The House 4 articulates these mentioned qualities from start to finish, representing an excellent and naturally fitting addition to the Jack The House series, while bringing a refreshing, dynamic EP concept to life.

The EP opens with “My Mind,” a dynamic and highly technical track that powerfully shows off Matroda’s production prowess. The amalgamation of classic house vocals and seismic basslines makes it an audacious foray into the EP. Next up is “Can’t Fight The Feeling,” a smooth, sophisticated, piano heavy, heartfelt piece, filled with wub-filled basslines and soulful vocals.

Pump Up The Volume” is an assertive soundscape replete with vibrant piano chords and triumphant drops. Jack the House 4 ends with “Talk To Me,” a collaboration with TOBEHONEST, which harmoniously blends the best parts of both DJ/producer’s unique styles, resulting in the picture perfect way Jack the House 4.

Keep an eye out for Matroda as he continues to rise the electronic music industry ranks. Listen to Jack the House 4 below.

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