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dEVOLVE, Breikthru & Saint Wade Share Enticing Single “Deep In My Heart”

Renowned Florida based producer dEVOLVE and electronic music duo Breikthru recently teamed up with Los Angeles based vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/producer Saint Wade for the undeniably catchy “Deep In My Heart.” The trio of acts combines their immense musical talent resulting in a powerful dance track. “Deep In My Heart” merges a myriad of genres, most notably house, […]

NICOLAS Takes Us on a Journey with New Single “Test Drive”

Aspiring electronic producer and musician NICOLAS is excited to announce the release of his enticing new single “Test Drive.” The up and coming producer demonstrates his production capabilities in the groovy and euphoria laden single. Fusing a myriad of glossy synths, deep groove, and emotive vocals, NICOLAS takes his listeners on a metaphorical test drive […]

Eligh & Alam Khan Weave an Intricate Sonic Tapestry with LP ‘Tides’

Inspired by the massive shift in energy on this planet, Eligh (of Living Legands fame) and Alam Khan recently joined forces for their collaborative LP aptly titled Tides. Alam Khan is the son of the legendary late Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, known as the greatest Sarode player of modern times; he is often assigned responsibility for bringing Indian […]

Super Duper Announces Release of Debut LP with Cinematic ‘Die for You/Hurricane’

2020 has proven to be a monumental year for Nashville based producer Super Duper who will be releasing his highly anticipated debut LP, HALLELUJAH! on November 11th via the esteemed FADER Label. Since the strict stay at home guidelines were first enforced in March, the prodigious producer has dropped an average of two tracks per month. […]

Walschlager Makes a Splash with Debut Single “Come Correct”

Powerfully launching into the house music scene, producer Walschlager recently made his debut with the hard hitting single “Come Correct.” After narrowly escaping a house fire and losing all of his equipment save for his computer, Walschlager found a newfound appreciation and love for electronic music production. If “Come Correct” is just a preview of […]