BØRNS and Lana Del Ray Form Dream Pairing on “God Save Our Young Blood”

BØRNS and Lana Del Ray Form Dream Pairing on “God Save Our Young Blood”

BØRNS and Lana Del Ray Form Dream Pairing on “God Save Our Young Blood”


BØRNS teases our appetites for his upcoming second project Blue Madonna with today’s release of “God Save Our Young Blood.”

The track features everybody’s #wcw Lana del Ray.

BØRNS and Lana Del Ray

The surprise collaboration mimics the heartfelt tone of BØRNS’ debut album Dopamine but ditches its guitar heavy hits in favor of airy synths and a snare enlarged by 80’s-esque reverb.

He’s clearly continuing the more electronic vibe of two of Blue Madonna’s other singles “I Don’t Want U Back” and “Sweet Dreams” .

The two’s voices are a match made in heaven. BØRNS’ punching yet soft falsetto blends with Lana’s trademark “sensual ghost” sound perfectly. During the hook you can hardly tell where one’s voice ends and the other begins.

The song tells the story of young love with all its joys. The euphoric hook and consistent pulse give the track a level of heart that most pop music fails to capture. BØRNS and Lana have already brought better vibes to 2018 than we saw almost all of last year.

BØRNS is poised for a breakout year. His sophomore project is scheduled to drop January 12th and many shows on his upcoming nationwide tour are already sold out. 

He’s making waves in the industry by putting out music that clearly makes people happy. Hopefully the rest of the music world follows suit. We could use a little love to start the year.

BONUS: Here’s a video of him with a mariachi band that I found.

Checkout his website bornsmusic.com for sick merch and tour dates.

Blue Madonna was produced by Tommy English. Full track listing is below:

1. God Save Our Young Blood feat. Lana Del Rey
2. Faded Heart
3. Sweet Dreams
4. We Don’t Care
5. Man
6. Iceberg
7. Second Night of Summer
8. I Don’t Want You Back
9. Tension (Interlude)
10. Supernatural
11. Blue Madonna
12. Bye-bye Darling



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