[INTERVIEW] UNDERCOVER On Making Their Night Beats

[INTERVIEW] UNDERCOVER On Making Their Night Beats

[INTERVIEW] UNDERCOVER On Making Their Night Beats



August 24th saw the full release of the infectious “Night Beats” LP from US house partnership UNDERCOVER, and it’s a complete cracker. We got speaking to the pair to hear more about making it.

“Night Beats” is at last released in full. Did you enjoy working on your second album?

Greg:  I loved working on this album, even though it took FOREVER.  We really took our time, making sure each song came together fully before recording it and I think that made a huge difference.

Joe: I did also. It did take a while, but it felt fresh and exciting to record these songs, and I’m really happy when I listen to “Night Beats” in its entirety. I think it’s a really strong representation of who we are as artists.

How do you feel your sound has developed of late?

Greg:  I made a concerted effort to make sure our album was classic NYC house, with an updated 90s feel, which is a lot more focused than our first album, which I now describe as “everything but the kitchen sink.”

 What do you feel are the standout tracks?

Joe: I have songs that I love at different moments, depending on my mood. “Find Some Lovin”, “Come Into My House”, “Playing My Song”.. But I hope people really listen to “NIGHT BEATS” from front to back. I think this album really takes you on a ride through things you might see, feel or experience to the beat of the night. That’s been my hope in writing for this album and in listening back to it.

What do you like most about NYC nightlife?

Greg:  I love the fact that NYC nightlife is resilient.  In the past ten years, it has basically disappeared from big clubs in Manhattan and now resides in smaller venues in Brooklyn.  It’s always there – you just have to find it.  The venues may change, but the DJs and downtown darlings are still on the scene.  I love going out and still seeing drag queens, DJs and artists I have partied with since I was sneaking into the Limelight in the late 80s with my fake ID. 

Do you have any other release plans or are you going to take a little break from productions?

Joe: We just released a music video for our track “Bring Me To Life”, and are definitely going to work on other single/video releases from “Night Beats”. Right now it’s cool to be getting feedback from people regarding the tracks that resonate with them, so we’ll see. I’m personally always working on songs, but my main focus right now is promoting this new music from Undercover.

If you could DJ anywhere in the world, where would you most like to play?

Greg:  I love DJing in NYC, but if I had to choose somewhere else to play, it would be London.  I really love what’s been going on there these past few years and I think they would appreciate the sound I would bring overseas…

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