[INTERVIEW] SMILO On Giving Us “Goosebumps”

[INTERVIEW] SMILO On Giving Us “Goosebumps”

[INTERVIEW] SMILO On Giving Us “Goosebumps”


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Tropical house trio SMILO have just released their debut single “Goosebumps” for Universal Sweden, and from the sounds of it, we’ll be hearing much more from them in the next year. The guys filled us in on making the track, check it out.

When did SMILO officially form?

We’ve been working together for about a year now. We decided to make this into something professional after writing together for about a month.

What does the name mean?

SMILO just sounds cool! No just kidding, there is a purpose. We try to walk through life with a smile on our faces. It’s everyone’s right to be happy and we want to show our fans that happiness is something that makes us come together and make beautiful things.

Who or what inspires you musically?

Everyday inspires you to write new lyrics or make a new beat or compose a melody. We try to make music we want to listen to ourselves. SMILO have a lot of influences like Avicii, Kygo, Alesso and many others.

How have people reacted to ‘Goosebumps’ so far?

“Goosebumps” have really turned out to be a crowd-pleaser; we will soon hit 1 million streams on Spotify, which is huge for us. So we believe that the song gives people a good vibe and happiness.

Did the track take long to write?

“Goosebumps” came together when tropical house peaked, so it was a perfect fit when we recorded the track. To answer your question; yes it was fast, fun and creative.

What do you have coming up in 2016?

We have new singles coming up and a great concept to show our fans. We will participate in the 2016 Eurovision contest, which should be really fun. We believe we can bring a new sound to the competition.



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