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Get To Know This Ain’t Bristol’s Self-Proclaimed Partyboi Billy Kenny In Our Exclusive 360° Interview


Imagine sitting down and wrangling all the energy of house music’s favorite partyboi, Billy Kenny.

From Leeds to Hannover and Los Angeles, this Gin sippin’ tower of hair has spent time soaking it in.

As you imagine yourself pulling out your recorder and sitting down with Billy Kenny, what questions begin rolling around in your head? (Did you plan ahead and write them down or are you a free style question thrower?) What would you ask Billy Kenny?

It’s a little late for us to pass on your enquiries now, but we tried our best to answer them all in advance anyway ?

In the crowded green room on the third floor at The Music Box in San Diego, buzzed off the days festivities, Billy Kenny and I sat minutes before he was to take the stage at his Sold Out This Ain’t Bristol CRSSD Fest after party.

As co-owner of the highly respected Germany-based This Ain’t Bristol, Billy is responsible for scouting many of the hits that the record label has disseminated, from Das Kapital and Bart B More to Maximono and Josh Brown. It’s a treat watching his high energy mixing, sampling, and scratching with a set of four CDJ’s – but it’s even more thrilling to sit down and get to know the thoughts behind the hair (and music) of the hit maker. Believe me, there’s more to Billy Kenny than meets the eye.

Watch our full interview with Billy Kenny below:

Billy has just released his latest EP, ‘Seahorses’, packed with a unique blend of shake and groove and house and bass. It’s a vibe you won’t here anywhere else, blending Billy’s highly curated database of international sounds. Check it out below ??

Stream Billy Kenny’s latest EP, ‘Seahorses’,:

Purchase ‘Seahorses’ via Amazon or iTunes below:


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