[INTERVIEW] Tez Cadey On His Debut EP For Ultra Music

[INTERVIEW] Tez Cadey On His Debut EP For Ultra Music

[INTERVIEW] Tez Cadey On His Debut EP For Ultra Music



Having just made and released the stunning “Walls” EP for Ultra Music, there is no doubt that French artist Tez Cadey is incredibly talented. With the tracklist exploring a wide range of sounds, we spoke to Cadey to hear his own thoughts on them.

What first led you to make music?

I think it was a DJ at a wedding, haha. I tried mixing after that but I didn’t even have a controller and I got bored very quickly. So I went on to creating my own songs.

How would you describe your debut EP, “Walls”?

I’d describe it as melodic, dancing, dreamy and most of all honest.

There are a couple of collabs on there. How did those happen?

“Keep On Waiting” was made with my friend Napkey. We met a few years ago, got along well and shared some music. A few months later he later on sent me a demo with this great guitar riff. I immediately fell for it, so I offered him to finish the track together. The second collab was with South-African singer Julia Church. At the time I had the instrumental for “Walls” and I was looking for some vocals. I’d been following Julia since she released her song “Soulmate” with Mozambo. I contacted her directly through Facebook. She has an amazing voice, I’m glad she was up for it!

You’re from Paris. How much of the city is in your music?

I spent my time at high-school in Paris but I’ve been in Lille for the past five years. I’ve definitely been influenced by a lot of Parisian bands, but I don’t think Paris is directly present in my music. To be more general, I’m rarely influenced by places. I prefer to try to capture emotions when making music.

What have been your favourite 3 tracks this year?

Mozambo – “Bright Side”, Etienne de Crecy – “Smile” and Gregory Porter – “Liquid Spirit” (Claptone Remix). 

It’s nearly Christmas – what are you doing for the holidays? 

I’ll be visiting Morocco with my family. It’s actually the only time of the year I really get to see them. So I’m looking forward to that!



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