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[ELECTRO/HOUSE] Henrix & Bream Ft. Zashanell – “Alright”

“Alright”…no, literally, that’s the name of the newest festival-ready single from Henrix & Bream, featuring Zashanell’s soaring female vocals. This is the type of record I’d expect to see used in a big festival trailer to ramp the hype up, and I won’t be surprised in the slightest if that sees the light of day. Although […]

[NEW MUSIC/PROGRESSIVE] Bobby Rock – Thriller (Preview)

What happens when two musical maniacs combine their ‘rebel rocker’ and ‘patient artist’ sides? In the case of Bobby de Graaf and Melvin Kuiters, they created the persona of Bobby Rock. De Graaf and Kuiters met in 2011 and bonded over their shared views of the modern musical atmosphere and the type of tracks they wanted […]

[ELECTRO/HOUSE] Cryogenix – “Fuckin’ Huge”

Blunt approach. Fuckin’ Huge – brought to you by Cryogenix, a trio consisting of veteran producers Gio Di Leva, Christian Cheval and Dee Frans, and Big & Dirty Records. This unrelenting, stomping, record aims to be perfectly suited for the fast-approaching festival season, with the festival circuit starting to materialize once again for another summer […]

[CONCERT REVIEW/TOUR] Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour Assassinates Chicago

Even if you didn’t attend Datsik‘s 2014 stop through Chicago at Concord Music Hall, there’s no doubt you’ve at least caught wind from fans about the infamous show. To cut a long story short, Concord’s ceiling, specifically the far right side of the venue, had literally collapsed due to the insane vibrations from the excessive […]

[FESTIVAL NEWS] Infrasound 2015 Lineup Released!

So folks, Infrasound Music Festival is back again in 2015 in Black Water Falls, Wisconsin (May 28th-21st) and based on the freshly announced lineup, there is an unmistakable emphasis on dubstep and bass music (just look at that undercard!). Coming in hot with low-frequency flavors from dubstep pioneer Benga (2 sets), the ever dark-and-deep sounds […]