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[PREMIERE] DRAMA Digs Deep With ‘Hopes Up’ BAILE Remix

You’ve stared blankly into empty eyes before, wondering why the words spilling out of his mouth don’t correspond with the way he sits there indifferently…numb. Passionate in the way that lingering lyrics localize hope above the groundwork of deep, bass-led rhythms. Melancholy in the way they synthesize a connection between a polarity that draws them […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Baile – Leaves Feat. Felicia Douglass

The sun hasn’t even reached the sky yet and I’m pulling at these wires, small puddles of sweat beneath me. One stroke, two strokes… the screen tells me I’ve burned more calories than I can afford and I just keep pulling the air out of my lungs, maybe I can sweat the pain away but […]