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[EVENT RECAP] Sin Label and Primary Night Club Get ‘SHIPWRECKED’: A Yacht Party Review

Where do I begin? Last weekend was OFF THE CHAIN!! The Sin Label Yacht Party is hands down, feet on the ground the best Chicago summer party on the water. Headliners Figgy and Dr. Fresch kept that vibe alive with those fun, feel good electronic jams,the sun was shining, and the energy was in full effect – guys […]

[FESTIVAL PLAYLIST] Hand Curated And Foon Sped: The Sounds Of The Hudson Project Music Festival

If there has been any festival lineup that I’ve been looking forward to all summer as much as The Hudson Project, I haven’t seen it yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love the all EDM events such as TomorrowWorld or the all-rock events like Riot Fest, but sometimes I just want some fucking diversity at […]