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[EXPERIMENTAL/MINIMALIST] Tyondai Braxton – ‘Hive1’ Album Review

Movement creates movement. Inertia. I keep moving because I’m moving, and because at this point it takes less energy than slowing down. Those bruising strides one through one thousand, man, they drilled mine shafts deep enough to swallow the light and the sound and the world and all thinking. But I feared losing inertia: in […]

[CHIPTUNE] Anamanaguchi – “Planet”

Time for a short journey through the wonderful 8-bit landscape that is Anamanaguchi. I first heard of this group through their extremely entertaining chiptune single “Meow.” Returning with their classic Super Nintendo-esque sounds comes the synthesized single “Planet” off their upcoming ENDLESS FANTASY album which is due out May 14. Aptly named, “Planet” sounds as […]