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[EXPERIMENTAL] The New Flying Lotus Movie Looks Absolutely Disgusting

If his music videos and album covers are any indication of his artistic preference, you know Flying Lotus has a sick fascination for the macabre. He channels this passion in his latest film Kuso, which was featured at the Sundance Film festival this past January. Flylo one upped himself on this one —the movie was so vile some […]

[INDIE DANCE] Goldroom ft. Mereki Beach – “Only You Can Show Me” (The Knocks Remix) + The Knocks Preview “Modern Hearts”

More proof that warm weather is drawing near to the Midwest. NY groove duo The Knocks have knocked out another amazing feel good jam combining their electro dance sensibilities with Goldroom‘s indie vibes in “Only You Can Show Me.” It’s hard not imagining sunny days on the beach with this track – everything about it […]

[CHILL/HIP-HOP] Nico Segal – “Struggles” Illasoul: Shades of Blue Trailer

Nico Segal, the jazz trumpet phenom from the rising stars of Kids These Days, is preparing to release his debut solo album in the form of Illasoul: Shades of Blue. Between recording their second album and non stop touring, Nico has somehow found a way to incorporate members of Kids These Days (among many talented […]