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[DARK INDIETRONICA] Trust- Lost Souls/Eelings (Liar Relapse)

  Opacity of emotion isn’t a sin.  The unwillingness to wear your life like a thin sheen over a naked leg, like everyone should have a bird’s eye view to your femoral artery–the delicate path to your lifeblood. Opacity, as many people have critiqued Trust’s Joyland with suffering from, is one of one its greatest strength. […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Pictureplane – Self Control+Video

Self destruction is a bit of a funny thing. You can be a rocket speeding along–ok, let’s be honest, for the chronically emotionally impaired you’re probably sputtering at best, but you’re moving!—and then you catch a whiff of a smell of a memory of a moment that bleeds you dry. And then, ‘blam-fucking-o’ there goes […]