Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 – A Pre-Event Breakdown of the Essentials

Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 – A Pre-Event Breakdown of the Essentials

Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 – A Pre-Event Breakdown of the Essentials



In under one week’s time, the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands will be booming with a vibrant, city-wide hive of activity and excitement, as the annual undisputed king of global dance music summits kicks off for five straight days and nights of A+ events and experiences for fans and industry professionals alike. 

From Wednesday, October 17th through Sunday, October 21st, attendees should properly prepare to choose their own custom adventures through the endless options that this exquisite electronic dance music buffet That is ADE – Amsterdam Dance Event.

For those not acquainted with ADE: what is this exactly, and why is it such a big deal?
Well, to put it simply, Amsterdam Dance Event is the biggest electronic music gathering of its kind, both from a public attendance and industry conference standpoint.  It’s an assembly of every dance music genre you can think of, a menu of more top-tier events than you can even conceivably try and attend, and a pilgrimage of the entire dance music business world.  In short, the world’s capital of dance music is in session for the year, and over five days and nights, magic of all kinds happens.

Here’s 5 BIG reasons why music heads from all over the world flock to this global summit:

  1. ADE is the largest and most important global dance music summit, where the city isn’t just host to the festival grounds…  The city IS the festival grounds.  With over 300 events showcasing over 2200 artists and drawing almost half a million attendees, it takes a whole city to be host to the world’s most impressive gathering of tribes.
  2. Attendees can have their pick of just about any size of event, ranging from ultra intimate label showcases at small hookah lounges, to massives that host the biggest artist lineups with crowds in size of 10K+.
  3. The entire dance music industry descends upon the Netherlands, and the number of choices that fans have to pick from is astounding!  Fans not only get to experience more music than they could possibly handle, but they also get opportunities to immerse themselves in speaker panels, discussions, film viewings and gear expos to further grow their knowledge and curiosity about the music and industry we all love.
  4. It’s truly a global union of people and cultures from the whole world over!  So many different people from so many different countries all unite and celebrate, bound by the universal language of music.  You’ll leave with more friends than you came with, and quite possibly from places you’ve never been to, making you a more worldly music fan.
  5. Did we mention that this takes place in AMSTERDAM?  With hundreds of years of history, culture, and one of most vibrant entertainment scenes in the world, it’s quite possibly one of the coolest places in the world in any of the other 51 weeks of the year, but when you inject this global gathering of greatness into the equation…  There’s just no other place in the world like it!For full information on how to get on board last minute, or to start planning your trip for next year, be sure to visit !


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