[INTERVIEW] MMXJ On Breaking Out “Into The Wild”

[INTERVIEW] MMXJ On Breaking Out “Into The Wild”

[INTERVIEW] MMXJ On Breaking Out “Into The Wild”


Having just unveiled his debut LP “Into The Wild” to the world, the name MMXJ is truly making a statement across the house music scene. With stunning melodies and a strongly emotive theme, this LP is an incredible opening collection. We spoke to its maker about his musical backstory.

Could you describe a typical day in the life of MMXJ the artist?

I wake up, listen to music, do some exercise, get in the studio, and spend time with family and friends whenever I can.

What is your studio set up like?

It’s really simple for now, just a Mac, pair of headphones and an m-audio keyboard.

We hear you originally taught yourself to play the guitar and piano. What inspired you to take them up?

It was Christmas and I was 8 years old. My brothers sang and played guitar to our family and I was awe-inspired. That is what inspired me to pick up the guitar. I taught myself piano went I went to boarding school in the UK aged 12 years old. It’s a beautiful instrument.

What do you consider the greatest dance music track of all time?

Calvin Harris – “We Found Love”.

“Into The Wild” is full of different sounds and feels. What was the story behind it?

The album is really a snapshot of my life and journey over the last two years. I’ve been through some ups and some downs ultimately emerging a better, stronger person and the progression of the album tell that story 🙂

Which track has had the best reaction so far?

“Kings” (ft. Gentle Bones). There will be a remix EP coming out very soon of that song which features some very special guests.

Do you have a highlight of 2015?

Being united with my friends and family; I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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