[QUICK MIX – DISCO/HOUSE] Moon Boots – “Reboot Mix” (Free Download)

[QUICK MIX – DISCO/HOUSE] Moon Boots – “Reboot Mix” (Free Download)

[QUICK MIX – DISCO/HOUSE] Moon Boots – “Reboot Mix” (Free Download)


[QUICK MIX - DISCO/HOUSE] Moon Boots - "Reboot Mix" (Free Download)

Never underestimate a great mix. The ability for music to stretch and bend time according to it’s bpm is just another way in which it continually amazes and mystifies me. Today, the music is helping with work – making the day fly by and at the same time inspiring me to create new and beautiful things. Moon Boots delivers on the throwback vibes here, with his “Reboot Mix”, an hour long study of disco, house, and a “dose of classics, vinyl rips, and a surprise or two.” With sounds from Touch Sensitive, K Hand, Roy Davis Project, and Jai Paul, there’s plenty here to appease all sensibilities. Armed with these sounds, you should have no problem tackling your next big project, just hit play, start bouncing to the groove and get moving. Enjoy!

If you like what you hear, make sure to grab your free download of the Reboot Mix here.



Touch Sensitive – Teen Idols
Coeo – Native Riddim
Jai Paul – Crush (Adam Port Edit)
John Barera & Will Martin – It’s Alright
Session Victim – Never Forget
Jovonn – Sunshine Strumental
??????? ????? – ???? ???? (???? ????? remix)
Doc Daneeka Feat. Seven Davis Jr. – What’s It Gonna Be
Jonny Rock – Why Can’t You Edit
Damiano Von Erckert – Housem
K Hand – I Remember When
Creative Swing alliance – Weekend
Bicep & Midland – D Mil
Murat Tepeli – Forever (Prosumer’s Hold Me Touch Me Remix)
Lorca – Ndlamu (Alternative Mix)
Inner Sense – motp
Roy Davis Project III – Jus a Little Love (Hard Ballsy Mix)
Denis Sulta – A.A.L.A.S.


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