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[HOUSE] Bobby Puma ft. Desiree Dawson – “Come Alive”

Bobby Puma, hot on heels of his recent huge collaboration with Tiesto – “Making Me Dizzy,”  is now back with a new release on Armada Deep. He joined forces with Desiree Dawson to create the house anthem of the summer, “Come Alive.”  Desiree‘s angelic vocals introduce the track alongside high energy percussion, guaranteed to make you want […]

[HOUSE] Bobby Puma’s New Sound With “Deeper Than Love”

Rising electronic prodigy Bobby Puma isn’t exactly a new kid on the block, but he ventures into new, deeper territory with his latest release, titled “Deeper than Love” (ft. Katt Rockell). The track’s winning combination of ethereal vocals, emotive lyrics, and a deep progressive beat adapts from easy listening during the day to a groovy […]