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[DARK DANCE] XYLØ – America (Vasta Remix) + Astrid – 2AM (Shagabond Remix)

CANNOT RECOMMEND ALL THE OTHERS’ INSTAGRAM ENOUGH (PHOTO CREDIT). America, I’m never coming back. On a Delta flight to Tokyo, I paced my way up.down.around the sides of the body of the plane. Would have walked across tray tables like hands carrying me away from my seat. Locked myself in the bathroom instead. Over and […]

[DARK DANCE] Ben Howard does Kiesza’s “Hideaway” + Gryffin Reimagines Maroon 5’s “Animals”

So we were sober.  And I was swimming away from you in the Indian Ocean, because you’d asked me to meet your soft lips without shouting into the end of a bottle first.  And we raced  around those tides, until you caught up to my hand like a shark and held it, asking me to just […]