[DARK INDIETRONICA] Alesso- Heroes (Amtrac Remix)

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Alesso- Heroes (Amtrac Remix)

[DARK INDIETRONICA] Alesso- Heroes (Amtrac Remix)



“Pull the sheet over us”

It’s our cave, beneath we hide from the weight of the sun. The shapes we see aren’t just outlines of amorphous amor, bodies in limbo.

We go hideaway in daylight

I can see all of you. It’s how you pulled me into ‘looking for love in the little light’. Your eyes, sparkle. They brim with the blurred crystalline power of the city lights below. And when I touch your chin, feeling bits of your beard grace my pointer finger, I can look in them and see the streetlights pouring out, exposing the way our chest hair rubs together like frantic dreams scurrying through the street.  I can see the spectrum of skyscraper spotlights shining down from above, looking at the way my body trembles under yours.  I can see headlights start to race at me, they pulse with your heartbeat–lesser mortals, the not-heroes might flee.

Anybody’s got the power
They don’t see it
‘Cos they don’t understand
Spin around and round for hours
You and me we got the world in our hands

You kiss me and all your courage comes shouting into my lungs. It’s why I met you, this life affirmation. I saw you on the dancefloor, sweaty as fuck, shaking to the beat of the shadows within you. And when you smiled, there was nothing but conquest cracking those lips. And I was a castle waiting to crumble–sans tank-top, pants fuck knows where, but walls guarding every bit of me.  I saw you, lonely amongst the thousands. You saw me, lonely amongst them too.

Where the streets are empty
That’s where we run

There’s nothing about you that needs me, but you goddamn want me. We can’t be everyday people, we’re a different kind. I might have you seven times tonight, but that seven times syncs me to a longterm future of nothing with you. I don’t care, either do you. You just want hands to hold you down, the same hands that punch at the world and rub against the grain of every expectation. You want words whispered in your ear that won’t judge, that let you know your abnormal path is mine. And when you enter me, you want us both to feel that

We could be heroes


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