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This Electronic Supergroup Dropped One Of The Vibiest Singles All Year


Look in the mirror, tell yourself you are Pretty Pretty.

Go walking through through the town like you’re hot shit.

P.S. You Are

Hi Fashion is a state of mind, after all. And this state of mind is currently dripping with indulgence and sex.

“Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear.” -Oscar Wilde

With that in your head, go throw on your wildest, most delicious outfit and dance in front of the mirror.

Tell Yourself:

I Feel Pretty Pretty

pretty pretty

The single comes from a collab between Smirnoff Sound Collective and Mixmag, joining forces to create a very special desert retreat on the magical land at Rancho V in Pioneertown, California.

The concept: showcase and celebrate diversity in electronic music by bringing together new artists with prolific mentors to combine their talents and create new music inspired by this dreamlike location.

The invited artists included Joseph Ray of NERO, MK and Amtrac alongside Andrea Meli on vocals, Nikko Gibler of duo Ricosheï and Rocco Gardner of Hot Trash.


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