5 Artists Not To Miss At Dirtybird Campout 2017

5 Artists Not To Miss At Dirtybird Campout 2017

5 Artists Not To Miss At Dirtybird Campout 2017


Summer nights may be coming to an end but summer camp is just about to be in session with Dirtybird Campout 2017!


Everyone’s favorite big kid getaway resumes for it’s annual festival Oct. 6 to 8 – this time on the scenic Lake San Antonio grounds. With a new location comes a fresh and unexpected musical selection. The signature Dirtybird sound is adopting some particularly intriguing additions to their wonky bass-lines, hefty house whomps, and giggly fun jams. They are here to demonstrate that making a mark isn’t the sole purpose of partying. It’s having a good time with good music and good people – all of them.



Check out our 5 Artists Not To Miss At Dirtybird Campout 2017!


5. Amtrac

Behind the name Amtrac is Caleb Cornett, a Kentucky raised DJ/producer and multi-talented musician cooking up a diverse arrangement of funk, disco, and house into his dark, rhythmic music. If that sounds like a broad category you’re not wrong. Cornett’s taste can best be described as fluid, in that he is experimental and determined to avoid stagnancy in sound.


4. Araabmuzik

Live music means a whole mess of things to the avid music lover. For Araabmuzik, performances are brought to life through real time drum machine beats and instrumentals. His name is Abraham Orellana and he brings strings together heavy Hip-Hop influence to Electronic rhythms using an MPC drum pad. We need more of this kind of live.


Mikey Lion

3. Desert Hearts Mikey Lion b2b Porkchop

House, Techno, Love. Sound familiar? That’s because the Desert Hearts crew has pioneered our beloved house community beyond measure. No further introduction is truly necessary, but here goes nothing. The collaborative efforts between Dirtybird and Desert Hearts almost feel like they are one and the same label. They’re always at each other’s events, always showing love and respect, and always showing the utmost support.


2. Mija FK A GENRE Takeover w/ Netsky & Ryan Forever

When I saw this it looked like a typo, or perhaps a misread on my part. Nope. This is real life and it is a badass project that Mija (Amber Giles) has taken on to say, “Fuck a genre!” Described as having a punk-rock mentality, Giles exercises her right to freedom of expression as she brings on the Belgian drum and bass maestro Netsky, as well as Ryan Forever with his dark techno synth waves.


1. Bleep Bloop

If artist names were explanations of their genre, Bleep Bloop would be spot on. Northern California bass music producer, Bleep Bloop, puts the gravity in dubstep and trap, sprinkles it with shatter (as in concentrated THC), and torches up the olfactory rig. While taking his psychedelic sound and melting it into a pot under the influence of artists like G Jones and even Salvador Dali, Bleep Bloop is hard to pin down. If you are thoroughly confused by this explanation, then you have a solid grasp of the music you can expect.


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