Desert Hearts Lineup Released! A Year Not To Be Missed.

Desert Hearts Lineup Released! A Year Not To Be Missed.

Desert Hearts Lineup Released! A Year Not To Be Missed.


It certainly speaks volumes when a festival sells out before a lineup is released.

There is a trust in the process and a focus on the overall experience that allows festival goers to feel confident in attending Desert Hearts Festival year after year.

The anticipation built as as every post on social media was inundated with requests, comments, and jokes about eagerly awaiting the lineup’s release until it finally dropped

The lineup certainly didn’t disappoint this year with a perfect balance between hometown talent and specially curated selections from around the world with acts like DJ Tennis, Doc Martin, DJ Dan, and Tara Brooks representing a vast span of tastes. Other notable names include SHADED, Will Clarke, and DH family members Lubelski, Rybom and Evan Casey, Mitch Dodge, Andreas Henneberg, and Cut Snake.

Last but not least, The Desert Hearts crew will be out in full force representing the heartbeat of the event.

Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Lee Reynolds, and Marbs hold down the fort on tour dates worldwide, but nothing compares to the experience of truly celebrating the movement they started surrounded by friends and family in the home arena of Los Coyotes. 

The festival is approaching rapidly, with tickets sold out already! It will take place on April 26-29th at Los Coyotes Reservation.

See you on the dance floor!

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