Why Lucidity Festival Is The Perfect Event For The Whole Family

Why Lucidity Festival Is The Perfect Event For The Whole Family

Why Lucidity Festival Is The Perfect Event For The Whole Family


Lucidity Festival was recognized as the world’s Best Family-friendly Festival at the 2018 FestX Awards held in Las Vegas last December, but that’s not why you should bring the whole family.

The prize reflects eight years of innovative programming and integration of a family-centric ethos at the outdoor festival, which features live and electronic music, participatory workshops, experiential art, yoga, and much more for adults, families, and kids-at-heart.

With the explosion of music festivals over the past few years, Lucidity is one of only a handful of events that have successfully implemented a family-forward ethos while maintaining the fun and party atmosphere so many older attendees enjoy.

Lucidity Festival curates an amazing lineup for the families and younger children at Lucidity, with most activities being centered in the I Am Family Garden – a safe and loving platform for families to grow, learn and engage in the new paradigm of parenting,

Family Garden at Lucidity

I Am Family Garden strives to inspire as well as activate free thinking through learning, movement, art, and more. This all-aged platform is intended to gather like minded individuals, raise community awareness, and share knowledge through immersive, co-created experiences.

family garden lucidity festival
Family Garden at Lucidity Festival

Another area curated for all ages is the Imaginarium. With a focus on mathematics, physics, science, art, music, theater, health, sustainability, ancestral arts, and movement through play, the possibilities for families of all generations are endless. The highlights in family programming this year include movement, magic, maker-space and music.

Family Garden Schedule 2019

Families new to Lucidity can expect to find plenty of offerings at the Imaginarium, with evening performances by Heartwurkz, Laikipia, Vir McRoy, Sierrra Marin, Off Grid Fam and others! Stop along the way and experience some of our wild and crazy collaborators like The Riley Rainbow Family Circus, The Unicorn Scouts, Off Grid Fam, Whimsical Wish Wagon, The Dome of the Space Wanderer or our Teen Wonderland.

With so much to do and see, you may not know where to start. Make sure to check out all the Kids Programming at Lucidity via this link here.

Lucidity Festival 2017
Lucidity Festival 2017

In addition to workshops and themed areas, there are plenty of other activities to participate in throughout the weekend, including a parade!

The 6th annual collaboration with Santa Barbara Solstice brings a fun, funky Earth-Phamily Parade themed “What the world needs to see, a ‘Moon’s Eye View’”. Consider this an open invitation to bring your rendition of what the world needs to see, imagined from the Moon’s Eye View we hold in our hearts.

Lucidity Festival 2017
Lucidity Festival 2017

The parade will meet in the Imaginarium at 1pm on Sunday April 14th! Bring your brother, your kiddo, granny or friend, everyone is welcome! Costuming and foolery encouraged. Puppetry and Giggling, juggling or drumming… we’re hoping for you!

Lucidity Parade

Lucidity Festival is now in it’s 6th year story arc journey, titled Moon’s Eye View. From the Moon’s unique vantage point, she sees all that transpires on our pale blue dot — all our joys and all our pain, all of our creating and all of our destruction. She insists that we must be willing to fearlessly journey into the great unknown if we wish to share such an expanded perspective!

So, if you’re ready to begin your journey, we’ll see you at Lucidity Festival next week with the whole family! Tickets to the festival can be purchased here.



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