Moon’s Eye View: The Next Chapter Into Lucidity

Moon’s Eye View: The Next Chapter Into Lucidity

Moon’s Eye View: The Next Chapter Into Lucidity


The Lucidity saga enters its next chapter following a complex, yet understood tale that invites us to take a Moon’s Eye View.

For six years the story of Lucidity was narrated through the lens of a dreamscape. An exploration into the unconscious with the intention of one day waking. Then came the start of a new story, Rising Dawn. Where dreams come to life in such a way that imagineers at Disney couldn’t wrap their heads around. Lucid living takes charge in these forthcoming chapters, and Moon’s Eye View takes a step back to see the world with an open heart and mind.

More on the Lucidity Narrative can be found here.

Embedded in the heavenly hills of Live Oak Campground in Santa Barbara is where we meet with the Moon.

Tickets are already on sale for Lucidity Festival. Mark the calendars for April 12-14, 2019 as we howl down from above and see things from a different view. The lowest level ticket tier sold out very quickly but you can still get your discounted tickets here using discount code “ambassador8.” By doing so you can help support our site in the process! We love Lucidity Festival. It will forever hold prime real estate in our hearts and we want to share that feeling with everyone. And of course, we love you.

More on Lucidity can be found here.

Tickets can be purchased from this link!

See you at Moon’s Eye View <3


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