Desert Dwellers Invades LA For Insomniac + Drops Hypnotic New Single

Desert Dwellers Invades LA For Insomniac + Drops Hypnotic New Single

Desert Dwellers Invades LA For Insomniac + Drops Hypnotic New Single


The new single from Desert Dwellers, “Traversing the Endless Road” sweeps us into the seductive soundscapes of Persian lore.

In support of their forthcoming album release, Desert Dwellers performed in Los Angeles at 1720 for Insomniac Events. With an intimate setting and willing crowd, the duo laid down a rich tapestry of Middle Eastern folk music infused with the magnetic rhythms of downtempo tribal house. Overtones of sensuality and mysticism floated through the air as the entrancing melodies lured dancers into an almost hypnotic state of revelry.

Currently touring internationally, Desert Dwellers is gearing up for the release of Breath, an album celebrating the culmination of two decades of partnership between Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe. (Editor’s Note: A lot of our readers haven’t even been alive that long. ?)

desert dwellers
Desert Dwellers at 1720

Bringing an entrancing edge and ethnic flavor to Desert Dwellers’ forthcoming album Breath, “Traversing the Endless Road” explores the sensuous, mystical, and celebratory spirit imbued into the very essence of world music.

Inspired by the legacy of ancient heritage, the ritualistic soundscape is underscored by the hauntingly vivid vocal work of longtime collaborators Ricardin and Meagan Chandler, the spirited drum play of Drumspyder, and the vibrant instrumental work of world-fusion devotee Māh-Ze-Tā.

Listen to “Traversing the Endless Road”:

You can pre-order their upcoming album, Breath, here and while you wait for the full release on April 26th on Black Swan Sounds.

In the meantime, make sure you catch the duo on tour. For more information and tickets, visit their official website here.

Desert Dwellers Breath Tour – Spring 2019

4/19 Lakewood, Ohio

4/20 Covington, Kentucky

4/26   Spring Up Celebration, Kansas

4/27 Tulsa, Oklahoma

4/28 San Francisco, California

5/3-5/4     Red Rocks, Colorado

5/9-5/13   Lightning in a Bottle, CA

5/17 San Diego, California

6/1 Austin, Texas

6/13 Anthropos Festival, UK

6/29 Lovelight Festival, NJ



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