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BRÅVES’ New Video “Joan of Arc” Is A Feminine Fist In The Air


Gone are the days of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Not when one’s mere existence serves as a spectator sport, or a lawless zoo. Not when every day feels like a growing debt to those who feel they’re owed affection and a slippery, happy ending.

“Isn’t it weird though, how so many women are just now coming out about these guys sexually assaulting and harassing them? Like, they’ve got to be getting something out of that, too.”

“How could someone let that happen to them for so long? I would never let someone treat me like that – especially in the workplace.”

I’ll take your leather bindings and poisonous words, and raise you one slash to the veil you wear. The veil that blinds your ability to see what’s true.

Yet why is it constantly the responsibility of the oppressed to unleash this clarity to those who birth and raise their own high horse? Who hold themselves captive in their ivory tower?

It seems these days my mood is a brooding tremor. It hums and stings, and feels numb all at the same time. Like so many others, music is my cathartic potion, best served molten hot.

Of the music I’ve discovered this week, visionary alt-pop trio BRÅVES takes the cake for cutting to the root of how I’ve been feeling.

Their newest music video, “Joan of Arc” is not just a visual masterpiece, but a fearsome battle cry to others who are also sick and tired of the hateful, normalized acts of sexual violence happening every day.

braves joan of arc

BRÅVES’ overall dance with the devil and apocalyptic aesthetic is absolutely reflected in “Joan of Arc,” which centers around a troupe of dancers (including Maxine Hupy), and their sweaty, watchful bidders.

The low-lit, chromatic display are essential to the video, as the color gold serves as the true star of the show. The use of color and interpretive dance in this video speaks louder than any literal display could.

“Joan of Arc” musters discomfort before rewarding with empowerment – which is an all-too-familiar feeling. However, the video’s conclusion, with the tables turned in favor of feminine power and sexual liberation, feels both savory and very sweet.

Watch “Joan of Arc” here:


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