Maribou State Evolve Their Sound in Incredible Sophomore Album

Maribou State Evolve Their Sound in Incredible Sophomore Album

Maribou State Evolve Their Sound in Incredible Sophomore Album


The London-based duo Maribou State have finally released their highly anticipated second studio album ‘Kingdoms in Colour’. 



Though some may say it’s been two years too long, the album was most definitely worth the wait. The album comes two years since their acclaimed debut album Portraits.


Throughout Kingdoms in Colour, Maribou State is able to maintain their mellow and downtempo persona that we fell in love with in Portraits.

However, the album is a true creative masterpiece that reaches far beyond genres. Each track is evidence that the duo have evolved their sound into some rather global and quite refreshing, and they continue to prove their aptitude to craft tunes using an unparalleled variety of instruments.

Each and every song is unique using a healthy diversity of sounds that include but are not limited to exotic percussions, delicate, unfamiliar strings, and soft, yet compelling vocals.


“Kingdom” is one of our favorite tracks on the album that has a bit of an afro-beat flavor. In the chorus, you’ll be caught dreaming to the soft vocals while dancing to the upbeat strings and addictive bass-line.


Holly Walker, who we are familiar due to her vocal appearance on Portraits, returns in Kingdoms in Colour. She delivers stunning performances in “Nervous Tics”  and “Slow Heat”, where her voice brings chills up our spines.

With their history of tracks together and these new songs, Holly Walker and Maribou State have proven that the two are an unrivaled combination.



The album concludes with ‘Kama’ and will leave you on an especially bright, colorful note. The instrumentals and vocals are peaceful yet dramatic, and you’ll find they are quite impressionable.


With every track bringing something different and invigorating to the table, Kingdoms in Colour is something that you can definitely have on repeat as we transition into autumn. Listen to the album here.


Accompanying the release of the album, Maribou State is headed on their Kingdoms in Colour Live Tour. See dates below, and you can find tickets here.


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