Over The River And Through The Woods: To Dirtybird Campout We Go

Over The River And Through The Woods: To Dirtybird Campout We Go

Over The River And Through The Woods: To Dirtybird Campout We Go


Campers nationwide are gearing up for the Dirtybird family’s biggest party of the year.

Dirtybird Campout is now just days away, so it’s time to start dusting off your scout-wear and combat boots.

If the festival next weekend is all you can think about like us, we bare good news: the label just dropped this year’s West Coast Compilation. Sacha Robotti, Will ClarkeLubelski and more present fun grooves on the 12-track album, giving us a taste of what to expect at Campout.


The sold out event acts as a favorite for many. It closes out the annual season of warm weather festivals and brings together one of the most down to earth fan-bases out there. This fall festival celebrates our shared love for the label in a weekend jam packed with camp-themed games, crafts and whatever else festival-goers’ inner children may desire.

Dirtybird Campout West 2018’s new location– the Modesto Reservoir— offers a clean, swimmable lake for attendees who dare to get their feathers a little wet. With temperature predictions of high 80’s, it’s looking like a must. Camp Counselors are even hosting a “0.5K Floatie Race,” and giant, inflatable swans are strongly encouraged.

Don’t miss any of the other signature Campout events like tug-of-war and a water balloon toss, more activity details can be found here!

The Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds are expected to be tight-knit in a sense that allegedly makes all of the fun and games easier to access than in years past.

“It has been the intimacy of the overall experience that has made the festivals a favorite amongst Campers,” the festival said in a public statement, “and this year will be no different, with campsites being just a quick hop from the stages and its various attractions placed closer together to make sure that no one is missing out on the fun. Not to mention, more activities to supplement current camp favorites of archery, kickball, tug-of-war, and beyond.”

As mentioned earlier, all tickets to the event have sold out via Eventbrite’s website.

If you’ve already purchased a wristband, be sure to snag a BBQ Feast ticket on the remains of the ticket purchasing page.

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