The Eye Catching Subtleties of Northern Nights Music Festival 2018

The Eye Catching Subtleties of Northern Nights Music Festival 2018

The Eye Catching Subtleties of Northern Nights Music Festival 2018


It’s not always about the music…(whaaat?!)

Well, it’s not always just about the music anyways! Northern Nights Music Festival 2018 is exactly what the title implies, a music festival. An all out, stacked lineup, massive stage, tiny stage, on the water, uh-mazing music festival. With Justin Martin, Brasstracks, and Sage The Gemini atop the long list of talent, NNMF makes no error in that department.

There are other departments as well.

Come July 20th, 2018, attendees will promptly discover an inspiring inclusion of cannabis culture, the Eel River (no need to be alarmed, it’s friendly), an arsenal of unique stages, and a lounge dedicated to hammocks. Combine all of that and you get yourself a triple threat with exponential opportunity for absolute fun, comfort, and bliss. We love the music, shit we are a music publication. But we find satisfaction in the underestimated amusements of ‘little things’.

Incorporating Cannabis Into Festival Culture.

It’s a shame when smoking a joint at a concert feels like something you need to hide. Burrowing yourself in the middle of a crowd so security can’t see where the clouds of good stuff is coming from. As one of the first and only festivals to incorporate a compliant pot component, Norther Nights is breaking ground. Make sure to stop by the Tree Lounge and enjoy the recently announced partnership with Starr Hill and Emerald Cup. With vendors, areas to smoke, local growers, and more spread throughout the grounds it would be damn near impossible to miss this integral part of NNMF.

The Eel River.

Otherwise known as the California Nile, this is only 1 of 3 rivers in North America that runs South to North. Defying gravity, Eel River also hosts the River Stage, which goes without further explanation really. Can you say beach party? As it is, having festivals on the water is a surefire way to steal my heart and sucker me in. Then there is the extra factor that is this rare breed of river traveling the opposite direction. Things might get a little turned around here in all kinds of the best ways.

Silent Disco & Bunker Stages.

While Mainstage closes down at 2am, these two stages are said to get jiggy deep into the night and even sunrise. Silent Disco, for those of you who don’t already know, is actually a quiet zone in many ways. Simply grab a pair of headphones, tune in to one of the DJs sets who are playing side by side, and get on the dancefloor!

Bunker Stage is a late night hideaway in a natural amphitheater overlooking the river. Said to operate renegade style, you can find some headliners drop by if you’re lucky. When everything else seems to have fallen quiet, head here for after hours jams and bring some layers!

Hammock Lounge.

There hasn’t been a festival where you won’t see random hammocks slung throughout the grounds. Be it on trees, support beams, stage structures, cars, etc. When have you ever heard of such dedication to hammocks like that of Northern Nights?! They have a Hammock Lounge. Read it again. A HAMMOCK LOUNGE.

Maybe my inner child is bursting out more than usual, but this is special. Don’t be shocked when you find some buddies resting in hammocks that are barely touching the river. You’ll know what I’m talking about. Hop in one of those suckers and start to puff puff pass.

Northern Nights Music Festival July 20-22, 2018

Tickets available here.


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