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Jay Bird & Freddy Define Beautiful Friendship With “Fate Light Now”


When friendship and fate collide, beautiful things can happen.

Just ask Jay Bird and Freddy Fate.

Roughly 9 years ago, the pair happened to cross each others’ path at a college frat party in central Pennsylvania.

With similar backgrounds, it was hard for the pair not to bond further when they started dating a set of identical twins.

Friendship quickly turned into artistic collaboration, which culminated in the two leading an underground, counter-cultural music and arts movement on their small liberal arts campus.

Supporting, creating, pushing, butting heads, growing, learning; isn’t this what friendship is about. Finding those kindrid spirits who move you to be a better version of yourself – and through that process they themselves shine brighter because of it.

Fast forward to today and Freddy Fate and Jay Bird reunite for their first joint project in more than 5 years. Exchanging project files via e-mail, the duo have created an eclectic electro-indie vibe to soundtrack their chemistry.

What do your friendships sound like?

Stream Jay Bird x Freddy – “Fate Light Now” below:

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