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[RE:SEARCH WEDNESDAY] Funking Out with Exmag, jackLNDN, and The Shuj Roswell Experience

With a lineup this fire, it’s only right that each artist brought the heat. Getting things started for the night, residents Mikey Thunder and Jordan Polovina kept it pretty mellow with for the first half of their set. Jordan’s debut of the new cello went solid and the two picked up their energy with some […]

[GoodSex Tips] Win and Woo Open for jackLNDN + Drop New Mix Series

[GOODSEX TIPS] is a reoccuring series bringing you the ish on the underground Chicago scene so you can get it on in all the splendid, sexy ways on a Saturday, Sunday or sometime after ‘fuck I need some music’ on a Tuesday. Last week, Chicago natives Win and Woo announced they would be bringing us a […]

[FESTIVAL MIX] Download These Free Shambhala Mixes And Get To Know This Year’s Artists

I think someone finally let me in on a secret, and that secret is Shambhala. Why have I never heard of you before, you international-yet-only-slightly-so-because-it’s-Canada festival! Kidding aside, coming from the Midwest, I’m still learning about all the different festivals the West Coast has to offer and with fest grounds situated on the pristine Salmo […]