[FESTIVAL MIX] Download These Free Shambhala Mixes And Get To Know This Year’s Artists

[FESTIVAL MIX] Download These Free Shambhala Mixes And Get To Know This Year’s Artists

[FESTIVAL MIX] Download These Free Shambhala Mixes And Get To Know This Year’s Artists


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I think someone finally let me in on a secret, and that secret is Shambhala. Why have I never heard of you before, you international-yet-only-slightly-so-because-it’s-Canada festival! Kidding aside, coming from the Midwest, I’m still learning about all the different festivals the West Coast has to offer and with fest grounds situated on the pristine Salmo River Valley in the the emerald forests of the Selkirk Mountains in Canada, this sounds like a dream destination for me. Shambhala Music Festival returns on August 7-10 in it’s long standing 18 year history, bringing along internationally renown headliners such as Kygo, Pretty Lights, Bonobo, Claude VonStroke, Skrillex, Harvey, Tipper, and Lucent Dossier Experience among 300 other musicians in it’s 2015 lineup.

Shambhala recently launched their hand-curated SMF 2015 Mix Series featuring a compilation of exclusive mixes from artists performing at this year’s fest. Even better, everything is free so you can download to your heart’s desire and take the music anywhere you go.

Seven mixes have been released to date with an 808/trap set from Brooklyn’s M!NT, a smooth house set from UK’s jackLNDN, a low end-centric, rap-influenced mix from Victoria’s Pigeon Hole, a party rock mix from Vancouver’s Wood n Soo, a bass heavy mix from LA’s MORiLLO, a funky mix of house, disco, breaks, and hip hop beats from Vancouver’s Spilt Milk, and a bass-heavy mix of glitch-funk courtesy of LA’s jOBOT. This week’s release features Chris Lorenzo and production partner Kane, better known as Cause & Affect, having assembled a stellar mix featuring unreleased tracks and a virtual who’s who of the UK club scene. Check back for upcoming releases in the mix series including AMB, Thornato, Freddy J, Sam Demoe and more.

The full schedule for the fest has been release here, so go grab your planners and start making plans!

Tickets are almost sold out!

Make sure to get yours now.

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