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Kendrick Lamar To Produce Black Panther Soundtrack + Releases Lead Single “All the Stars” With SZA

Marvel and Kendrick Lamar have just confirmed that Lamar will be curating and producing the forthcoming Black Panther Soundtrack album. Much to our excitement, Lamar and SZA have once again come together for the lead single from the album, “All the Stars”. 1st move of 2018. #TDE https://t.co/p49N4tOZEq — TOP DAWG #TDE (@dangerookipawaa) January 4, […]

Spider-Man: Homecoming Is Spinning a New Web

Hold on to your web fluid, everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spiderman got a sixth movie this month: Spider-Man: Homecoming . After five films of the web-slinging superhero swooping about New York, what makes Spider-Man: Homecoming so special? First of all, many fans are excited about this new film because it marks Spider-Man’s integration into the Marvel […]