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[MOOD MIX] Light Lusts After Me: Best Sounds 07.2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

PHOTO CREDIT// THE HYPERDECADENCE PROJECT ////Catch a free download here. All songs below.//// Last month, my mix was sick. Surgically sliced that motherfucker off the web in under a week of seconds. Never pull posts, either. But that one had a serious case of soft bones. No Vitamin-D danced in those tracks. Collapsed under the […]

[MONTHLY MIXES] Sabotage Heart Shouts: Best Sounds 06.2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

[MONTHLY MOTIF MIXES] is a long running series curated by me featuring the month’s best dark indietronica all in one cohesive theme. I don’t ever think of playlists as a collection of songs, but rather as a deeply satiating story from start to finish. Every song placement has value, a reason, something to fucking say. […]