[MOOD MIX] Light Lusts After Me: Best Sounds 07.2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

[MOOD MIX] Light Lusts After Me: Best Sounds 07.2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

[MOOD MIX] Light Lusts After Me: Best Sounds 07.2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]


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Last month, my mix was sick. Surgically sliced that motherfucker off the web in under a week of seconds. Never pull posts, either. But that one had a serious case of soft bones. No Vitamin-D danced in those tracks. Collapsed under the weight of itself, fell into holes and whistled in the darkness. Instead of climbing its way out, like a non-headcase. S’ok. I see music blogging as a very public exposé of you. If you’re not doing that, you’re a glorified Google. 411 articles are so the shit. I’d be mute without music, it’s my sex and lifeblood mixed into 3 mins of who cares how long you lasted (was still bangin’!). It’s all the smutty sereneness some melodies shook loose–it’s you. Dangerous, posting this way. You can suck, succeed just as equally easy when it’s your skin stretched over a setlist.

This month, I saw the Light. That’s not cliche. Cliches kill kittens and I’m firmly anti-felinicide. Last month’s failure fixed me. Light in the darkness is a cardinal rule of music. Even if it’s just your cellphone shining through your crotch, has to be some. Didn’t even think about it, which made me wonder if I’d forgotten it irl as well. I had. Ah, that’s why I keep running into rusty knives in the night, going to bed alone. I’m a sad sack, nary a smile to suck on your lip over. Had to have Light nestled in these sheets with me. Knew I had to date it, serve it pancakes on an afterglow afternoon. But I’m a creature of the dark. Trust nothing. Not even the tender hand wiping my bloody nose on the dancefloor. It’s awkward as fuck to chase after the Light. All high school poetry.flusterimg.and never an erection. Ever.

Here, Light lusts after me. Caught me something good too, albeit with crushed glass in the cornea and surface stab wounds. Never said romantic life on my turf would do anything but make Keats cry.

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