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Google Is Harnessing AI Power To Create Never-Before-Heard Instruments

It’s only a matter of time until Bassnectar gets his hands on his own AI instruments. Google Magenta—a small team of AI researchers inside the internet giant building computer systems that can make their own art— is now in the process of harnessing artificial intelligence in order to create never-before-heard instruments, Wired reports. The project […]

[FEST NEWS] Moogfest’s Synthesization of Love, Music, Art, and Technology

Moogfest‘s Mission is Simple. GROW A GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF FUTURISTS WHO EXPLORE EMERGING SOUND TECHNOLOGIES AND DESIGN RADICAL INSTRUMENTS FOR CHANGE Not only is the festival a paradise for lovers of music, art, and technology alike, but Moogfest’s synthesizing love like nobody’s business. Synthesize Love was a recently launched festival wide initiative: ” AS ARTISTS […]